I enjoy modeling and the world in software and learning from it. Most of the time it's the way a business does business, or wants to do business. However, it could also be monitoring and directly controlling it.

All my applications are perfomance and security sensitive. I implement responsive and intuitive user experiences. Software ought not need to come with a manual. Users are pretty sophisticated these days.

I believe in planning, prototyping, testing and documentation.

The best chance of a project's success is when you have honest, humble and capable people all on the same page. The evolved justification for an agile approach.


I am unabashidly a Full Microsoft Stack developer.- ASP.Net, MVC, WCF, SQL and Azure Cloud in C#.

I am currently working with Angular-2 and teaching myself to code for Android, and happily both are coming quite naturally.

I have also been dabbling in chatBots using the MS botFramework and LUIS.

I also work in Processing Programming Language for the Arduino and Python 3+ for the Raspberry Pi. ...and yes I still think Linux is for hippies...

Pontifications on Code