Software Development

I write software. Primarily for business. Primarily for the web. This includes web applications and services. I design and build databases. I write large, orchestrated middle-tiers.

I plan, execute and manage an applications lifecycle. There's an old saying in IT - ...if a cable has one end it's bound to have another. The point being, that all thing have a beginning and so should have an end. That's why when deliverables are on the line, the Agile notion of the Sprint is a Godsend.

I mentor and develop people. And always end up learning far more than I try to teach.

I formulate strategies. Vision, conviction, time, resources and money are the deciding factors. There is always a way to get from here to there.

Works in Progress


Have a project or initiative that's floundering? Is it overdue? Overbudget? Is it off target or lost it's focus? Is it just not what you intended nor expected?

An honest assessment requires that one be prepared to listen to what they don't want to hear. Allow me to be the "bad guy".

I will look at:

  • your code base (source code, databases, design and architecture)
  • your infrastructure
  • your people
  • and your processes

After a deep, circumspect look, I'll provide a full report on what you're most interested in, as well as an opinionated suggestion to address any issues.


After determining where you are, and if you know where you want to be, but just don't know how to get there. We work together to craft a roadmap.

Plans are based on the myriad of factors that compose your current situation. That will layout incremental, verifiable waypoints.

Devices - Interactions, Monitoring, Control and even Asthetics

I build prototypical devices including, but not limited to, the Arduino family and the Raspberry PI. I doubt I'll ever make a living of it, but is sure is fun.

These devices range from to physical, real-world control and monitoring to wearables to art.


I've enjoyed a broad exposure to multiple industries, Having done so, I see the parallels, interactions and overlaps.

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