I always have a slew of projects cooking at any given time. And I have been remiss is documenting and sharing them.

I was recently castigated by a friend for not putting my stuff up on Git, which I did take to heart, as it's always good karma to pay it forward. Over the next few months I will endeavor to do more.


Check out this eveolving project Here


MyOrgWorx is a SaaS application that offers it's a subscribers a membership based content engine with an increasing number of plugin applications.

It's been ready to publish for far too long, and I will put it up ASAP.

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OfficeBot is an Arduino based project I wish I had more time to donate to, as it's a great deal of fun..

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SDN is data hub for Specially Designated Nationals lists used primarily in OFAC-like regulatory compliance.

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LED Matrix

Goofy LED Matrix programming exercise.

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AD Dartboard

Make a superior analog dartboard think it's digital.

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