checkSDN is data hub for Specially Designated Nationals lists, .

Governmental and various law enforcement agencies across the globe maintain and publish lists of Individuals and Entities that are subject to legal and regulatory scrutiny, in essance - Watch Lists. These are basically bad guys.

SDN is a source of Finanical Intelligence. As part of due diligence, and subsequent regulatory compliance, OFAC and Patriot Act, for instance, participants of major financial transactons need to be checked against these various lists.

The SDN application imports these lists into it's own proprietary data structure. This structure allows for fast and flexible searches by name and any of the desparate and varied attributes each list offers - there is no standard.

Searches employ standard matching algorithms, such as LIKE and SQL Server FTS functions as well as phonetical matching.

The project is still in development and several months from production readiness.